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PG CWWN’s Favourite Blogs on PhD Life and Beyond…


Academia Obscura |

Showcasing, in their own words, ‘the hidden silly side of Higher Education’, the irreverent Academia Obscura project provides some much-needed light relief to PhD life. Founded by PhD student Glen Wright, this will brighten your day (and quite possibly prolong your procrastination) with features such as the annual ‘Academics with Cats’ Awards. Delightfully, an official Academia Obscura book will be published soon. Of course, you can also follow the blog’s popular Twitter page, @AcademiaObscura.

From PhD to Life |

This is the brainchild of academic life coach Dr Jennifer Polk. Jennifer offers advice and guidance to support postgraduate students launch careers, whether in academia or beyond. It is often difficult for PhD students to imagine themselves working outside academia but Jennifer’s blog demonstrates the plethora of avenues available post-PhD. You can also follow Jennifer on Twitter (@FromPhDtoLife), where she hosts the regular Twitter chat #withaPhD.

Get a Life, Phd |

A brilliant blog which focuses on the importance of a work/life balance when undertaking a PhD from the wonderful Tanya Boza. The negatives of academic life are well known, but Boza encourages readers to focus on the positives and argues that a healthy work/life balance is possible. This blog is upbeat, and definitely one to read on a Monday morning!

Hook & Eye |

This Canadian gem of a blog is “an invitation and an intervention” and offers a great range of posts concerning all things feminism, academia and the joys and troubles of everyday life of women in the academy. Its regular contributors span across multiple academic generations (from students to tenured professors) traversing a diverse (and beautifully written!) number of highly topical issues. Follow hook & eye on twitter: @fishhookopeneye

PhD Life |

The University of Warwick’s blog on PhD life is impressive and inspiring. The posts are written by a community of writers, studying both at the University of Warwick and other institutions, and cover a wide range of PhD topics. From subjects such as how to know if you’re making progress in your research to some insightful posts on women in academia this blog seems to cover it all! Well worth a read.

PlasticDollHeads |

PlasticDollHeads is the academic blog created by Gemma Ahearne, a final year PhD student at Leeds Beckett University. Blending the academic and the personal, Gemma’s blog posts reflect her research interests in, amongst others, sex work, gender, class and sociological theory. Although Gemma works primarily in the social sciences rather than literature like myself, I have found her blog to be incredibly useful when considering PhD life in general. You can also follow Gemma on Twitter: @princessjack

Tenure, She Wrote |

Although US based, this blog discusses universal issues that will be poignant to PhD students far beyond America. ‘Tenure, She Wrote’ asks important questions about the role of women in academia and shines a much needed light on the obstacles hindering the progress of women’s careers in academia. They are also always looking for guest contributors, which means that the posts remain varied. This site is incredibly informative, and a real tonic to the sexism sometimes experienced during academic life.

The New Academic |

A classic amongst blogs about academia in Britain, this one does not need much of an introduction! Founded by Dr Nadine Muller (former PG CWWN Steering Group Member!) who you can follow on Twitter here: @Nadine_Muller

The Stylish Academic |

A wonderful celebration of fashion and academia aiming to show that “smarts & style are not mutually exclusive.” It regularly features interviews and photo series with, predominantly female, academics from all walks of life talking about and showing off their personal style. If you’re looking for inspiration on what to wear for that next conference or job interview, you’ve come to the right place. You might also want to follow their Instagram @stylish_academic

The Thesis Whisperer |

reaches us from Down Under and is is edited by Dr Inger Mewburn, Director of research training at the Australian National University. It tells the good, the bad and the ugly of the PhD journey with an especially helpful emphasis on the supervisor-student-relationship offering not only many stories (that will make you feel less alone in that mess that supervision sometimes can turn out to be) but also wonderfully constructive advice on how to navigate that often tricky relationship. Follow The Thesis Whisperer on twitter: @thesiswhisperer