ASMR Tingles

Relaxing ASMR Tingles

by Veronika Schuchter


Today’s post is a little bit different and might at first seem a little bit creepy but it really isn’t. Promise. Even though I’ve experienced ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) ever since I was a child, it wasn’t until about a year ago that I realised that there is a name for it and that lots of other people get that feeling too. I remember how in primary school, my girlfriends and I always used to braid and comb each other’s hair – a female bonding ritual but mostly to experience that tingly sensation that comes with it. Some of you might have come across it yourselves before (they say that about 75% of the population do experience ASMR) when attending a great talk, watching someone write, draw, hear them whisper, receiving a massage, or listening to the quiet crackling background noises in some café. ASMR is a curious tingly sensation that shoots through your entire body and for me, I know this is the case for many others, this has an extensive physically calming effect.

So, what the hell is ASMR and what does it do? The ASMR Wikipedia page and this article in the Guardian give you a pretty good overview. It’s an inherently personal experience and depends a lot on your taste and triggers (and as the articles state, it’s non-sexual!) – just give it a go!

I’m someone who finds working in a quiet environment totally unbearable; I always work in the library or a café and tend to have my earphones in at all times listening to music, or if I have to concentrate hard or feel a bit queasy about certain sections I’m writing, I listen to ASMR videos on YouTube. I’m lucky in the sense that I cope relatively well with stress and pressure, but at times I get a little more tense than I allow myself to admit; watching a few minutes of an ASMR video are a fun and time efficient way to relax inbetween reading and writing sessions (yoga doesn’t work for me at all sadly).

So, if you’re in a bit of an experimental and explorative mood, do cruise YouTube a bit and see whether ASMR might also be a thing for you. It’ll make you giggle for sure.

Short explanation on ASMR:

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