Introducing Writing From Below

‘GSDS takes sides—we write history from below, we redress exclusions from the canon, we appreciate lived experience as a crucial voice in the making of expert knowledge, we question divisions between the private and public and what that means for our bodies and lives, and we unpack the bias embedded in power/knowledge relations that are dressed as value neutral and grounded in Reason.’
– Carolyn D’Cruz, ‘Taking responsibility for Gender Sexuality and Diversity Studies’

A new peer reviewed, interdisciplinary Gender, Sexuality and Diversity Studies (GSDS) journal, Writing from Below, calls for papers.

Writing from Below is currently the only interdisciplinary GSDS journal in Australia. With an international scope, and a highly esteemed Advisory Board, we intend to publish the highest standard of scholarly, creative, and cross-genre work that engages with GSDS.

Taking our cue from Carolyn D’Cruz’s swansong for the GSDS programme at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Writing From Below denotes not only our critical trajectories, but also our attendant history. This journal is not an attempt to generate an interdisciplinary conversation focussed on issues of gender, sexuality, and diversity, but rather it is a space to facilitate the conversations that are already occurring across the academic community. Looking further back to 1963, and paraphrasing E.P. Thompson from The Making of the English Working Class, we are looking for the work of scholars whose academic “aspirations are valid in terms of their own experience”.

In a nutshell, Writing from Below positions itself as the recourse for cold-comfort rejection notices phrased as “it’s good, but not for us”. It probably is for us. We are now calling for submissions of between 3000 and 7000 words for our second issue, the theme of which follows our title, Writing from Below. We are looking for writers, artists, and independent researchers whose work is on either canonical or non-canonical sources, whose work features slippage between the typical academic/artistic genres and disciplines. As such we are particularly interested in emergent work on women’s writing, and particularly encourage submissions from postgraduate students working in this  field. We ask authors to think broadly about what writing from below means, about all the ways that writing and researching differently from within the academy creates change. There is space here: take it.

Our Call For Papers is now extended to 26 August 2013.

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Karina Quinn, Nicholas Cowley, and Stephen Abblitt

Managing Editors, Writing from Below

Supported by La Trobe University and the Centre for Creative Arts.

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