National Short Story Week 2012: Women Writers

Short Story WeekThe UK’s National Short Story Week 2012 runs from November 12th to 18th and this year they have put together a varied reading list that includes recommendations by authors and broadcasters as well as some new anthologies.

However, with only three out of the eight recommended authors being women this hardly seems proportionate to the vast amount of women short story writers whose work we know and love!

This is what was said of Lorrie Moore and Alice Munro, the two women writers on the list:

Tracy Chevalier: Self Help by Lorrie Moore (Faber and Faber)
“I loved these stories by one of America’s top writers. This collection considers the lives and loves of twenty-somethings primarily. The stories are heartbreaking and also very funny – not an easy combination to pull off!”

Margaret Drabble: Collected Stories by Lorrie Moore (Faber and Faber)
“One of my latest discoveries is Lorrie Moore, the American short story writer, recommended to me I think by Helen Simpson, also a fine writer of stories. I bought Moore’s Collected Stories and have enjoyed them very much. They are contemporary, off beat, tragi-comic, full of ordinary/extraordinary people leading lives on the edge. They provide a wonderful view of America today, as you never see it on the news or the movies.”

Sue Cook: Runaway by Alice Munro (Vintage)
“The sort of stories that stay with you for days after you finish reading them.”

Nick Turner: Lee Langley

“Langley’s work suggests that we should never think we are the rulers of our own universe: as a character states in A House in Pondicherry, ‘Legends can be built on a foundation of misconception. We can never be sure of understanding the past’. There again, the past is a rich place for exploration, and in Langley’s hands, even if it can never be fully grasped, the journey there is an enthralling one.”

You can access the full reading list here.

So, we want to hear from you!

Who are those great women short story writers from across the ages that you admire? Please post your recommendations on our Facebook page or tweet us your choices (@pgcwwn) with brief reasons why. All contributions will be collated and at the end of November a PG CWWN Short Story Reading List will be published on the website for you all to enjoy!

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